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Packing for Boca

What’s one of the most important things to bring with you? Your swimwear of course!

Checklist of Items to Pack

FAU is located in one of the BEST cities to live in the USA. As a matter of fact, just recently Boca was rated the 11th best city to live in America. We are just a couple of miles from the ocean with beautiful beaches accessible to students just a few minutes away from campus. Our accommodations on campus are spectacular – it has been said that we offer resort-style living to our students! But what should you bring and what should stay in your home country, use this as a guide as you begin to pack your bags.

Important Documents to Bring

You should make two certified photocopies of each of the following documents. Leave one at home and take one with you in your suitcase. Keep all of the originals in your carry-on baggage as you’ll need them when you enter the United States.

  • Valid passport
  • I-20 Document
  • FAU GSSP Letter of Offer
  • Official FAU Acceptance Letter
  • Original transcripts/degree certificates of previous study
  • Deposit receipt from payments made
  • Proof of sufficient funds (bank statement)
  • Immunization records

Weather & Clothing

FAU is just 3 miles from the Atlantic Ocean and the beautiful white sand beaches that are a signature of Florida’s coastline. The FAU recreation center also houses a pool that students can use year-round so beach and swimwear is an essential thing to pack when preparing to leave.

With regard to weather, Boca Raton has a subtropical climate with an average temperature of 77⁰ F annually. Winters are usually warm, with days around 75⁰F and nights around 56⁰F. However, the occasional cold snap does occur, so bring a light sweater just in case. Summers have a daily quick rain fall, and can be humid and hot (think 90⁰F for a high and 75-80⁰F for a low). Autumn and spring are rather pleasant. Water temperatures range from 70⁰F in winter to 85⁰F in summer, and from 75⁰F in spring to 80⁰F in fall.

Average monthly temperatures for Boca Raton are as follows:

Temp. (min)
Temp. (max)
Temp. (avg)
January 39°F 84°F 71°F
February 36°F 90°F 71°F
March 45°F 90°F 74°F
April 48°F 91°F 76°F
May 61°F 93°F 80°F
June 70°F 99°F 83°F
July 72°F 97°F 86°F
August 72°F 97°F 87°F
September 72°F 93°F 84°F
October 52°F 95°F 82°F
November 41°F 90°F 75°F
December 45°F 95°F 72°F

Household Items

Electrical systems in the US operate at 120 volts and 60 Hz and most appliances have a three-pin plug (though some have the two-pin plug). You can purchase an adaptor /converter for your existing electrical appliances or wait to purchase appliances in Boca Raton.

For the on-campus accommodations, most students have found it useful to purchase appliances such as microwaves and small refrigerators for their rooms. These items can be purchased from a local store or rented from a service called Tech U that is on FAU campus. All students living on campus will need sheets, a pillow, towel etc. When you sign up for your housing, you can choose to buy some of these items which will then be ready for you when you check in.